Ways to Lose Weight Easily

Ways to Lose Weight Easily

We all want to lose some pounds. Whether to fit into that bikini or medical recommendation, losing weight is almost always a good thing.

But due to our fast daily routine, most of us don’t have the time nor the dedication to go to a gym daily to work out. Having little time though is not an acceptable excuse anymore. Here are 7 tips that do not involve going to the gym and will still make you lost some pounds.


A-ha! You thought you would be free from exercising, did you not? Well, you are free from the gym, but that does not mean that you will stop exercising at all. While it will not be as intensive as an hour of training with your professional trainer, these activities will keep you in good shape.

One of such activities is to walk. Seems stupid to tell people to walk, but there are plenty of people who hate doing so. What those people do not know is that walking prevents a lot of diseases related to blood circulation. For instance, varicose veins may be avoided if the person walks daily, as the flux of blood through the veins will not allow the accumulation of cholesterol on the veins’ walls.

Walking also relieves stress and is a good way to clear the mind.

But how can you insert this activity into your so busy daily routine?

That is very simple. Instead of taking the elevator to reach up to three stores either up or down, take the stairs. This number will depend on you, I almost always take the stairs, but will surely make you burn some calories.

If you can, walk to your work. Adding this step will further increase the burn of calories and consequently the loss of weight.

Keep in mind that walking also increases lung activity, increasing their health as well.

Eating right

Eating right does not mean a diet. Though it is also recommended, it is not necessarily the only option to lose weight.

Instead of doing some radical diet, you should eat in a timed way. What I mean by that is that you should start eating at fixed times, more times per day.

Of course that the breakfast, lunch, and supper are still important, but they may be complemented by additional low serving meals throughout the day.

Another factor important to eating right is that you should change the way you eat the three main meals mentioned above. In Latin countries, such as Mexico and Brazil, the meals are not served as they are in the United States.

Their breakfast, for example, is less caloric than the average one in the United States. They accomplish that by replacing the more caloric food with more fibrous ones, like bread and fruits.

During the Lunch, instead of a light meal, they have a full serving of food. This helps them to keep the energy at full levels during the day, thus being more active.

In the Supper, instead of having a full serving of food, most of them eat more light stuff, like soups or other meats like fish or chicken breast.

The result of the above “diet” is that they have more energy when they most need it and they have an easy digestion during the night.

This consequence will take us to the next tip.

Sleeping well

As I mentioned above, eating right will cause your body to have a better time during the night. When that is accomplished, the brain focusses on the tasks it has to do during the night, that is, consolidating the short-term memory into long-term ones.

When the brain works stressless, it has better results. This leads to a deeper sleep, resulting in more relaxed muscles, making your body feels lighter.

But it won’t just feel lighter, it will be lighter, as, during the night, the brain also manages the generation of new cells and regeneration of the existing ones. This process is pretty energy expensive and will make you burn more fat while you sleep. This happens even more if you exercised during the day, like the walk I suggested you.

Chew slower

Chewing slower will trick your brain to think that what you are chewing is a highly fibrous meal. This trickery will keep your brain busy and will distract it from the signals sent by the stomach asking for more food.

This can be achieved by chewing bubble gum and can even be done without anything in your mouth at all, though the tongue will not be fooled by it and may help your brain detect the cheat.

Hydrate yourself

Hydrating yourself is one of the most effective and least laborious of the tasks in this list. Not only because you need to do that to survive, but because water helps you to burn calories.

It achieves it through the heat exchange with the environment. If you take a bottle of water after a session of walking, whether going to work or arriving home, it will act as a fuel to the heat exchange through the sweat. The body will try to expel the excess of heat by using water, spending energy (calories) in the process. The hotter you are, the thirstier you get and the more weight you lose.

The water will also have the effect of solvent in your stomach acid, diluting it and making you feel less hunger, thus making you eat less.

Whenever you feel the urge to feed, take a sip of water and wait a few moments before the hunger disappears.

Stress yourself less

Stressing yourself less is another good way to gain some pounds. You don’t want that.

Avoiding stressful situations or accepting that they will not change whether you worry about them or not will make marvels to your body.

Use the right condiments

Using the right condiments is also another option. Choosing the best oil to fry your food, removing excessive seasoning, using the least amount of sugar and salt as possible will make you lose weight without being on a diet.