Unexpected Foods That Helps You Lose Weight

5 Unexpected Foods That Helps You Lose Weight

There are some foods that are well-known for being allies when we try to get fit. Vegetables, grains, etc. But those usually are not the most delicious things on Earth.

If only there was tasty and at the same time helped us to lose weight.

Well, if you always thought about that, you are in good luck.

This foods and beverages below are delicious and will definitely lend you a hand.

There are some foods on the list that you may already expect but did not know for sure; others will be a total surprise.

Natural peanut butter

The all-natural peanut butter is rich in fibers and proteins. Peanuts, like other seeds, is a good choice for snacking during the day. Research suggests that people who added around 500g of peanut butter on their daily diets consumed less food at meals. Those people also increased their metabolism while resting by about 11%, that is, they took 11% less time to completely digest the same amount of food.

In order to safely consume the peanut butter, you must pay attention to the amount of sugar contained within it. Therefore, the natural, non-industrialized version is the best one. We recommend you to do your own peanut butter at home and add as little sugar as possible.

It’s movie time

If you are one of those people who whenever they watch a movie, popcorn is a must, then you are in a really good luck indeed. Popcorn, palomitas, pipocas or whatever it’s the name you give to it where you live, are one of the humanity’s more beloved snacks. We consume it all over the world, and every year, tons and tons of it are made and sold in theaters and even in carts in parks. We love them. And apparently, they love us as well. Air-popped popcorns, and pay special attention to the aired part, are of our most delicious allies when it comes to getting fit.

Starting by the hull of the popcorn, it contains polyphenols, an antioxidant that besides helping you to keep looking younger for longer, may have disease-fighting properties.

The white part of the popcorn is full of protein and fibers, as it is corn, after all, but also has low amounts of calories. Their somewhat big size will have to trick properties on the brain, as its low density makes it big but not that nutritious. That means that when you put them in your mouth, they occupy the whole space, making your brain think that you are eating a highly nutritious food, due to the size. While they keep your chewing busy, you cannot put other things in your mouth. Once swallowed, they occupy a more disperse area, as it will not compact itself due to its size and low weight. This will make you feel stuffed earlier and then the stomach will send a signal to your brain to stop eating.

You must keep in mind though, that I am talking about the popcorn, not the seasoning you put on it. To achieve the best results, you must not add loads of salt nor butter on top of it. Moderation is key, and adding a little salt or even sodium-free seasonings or herbs is recommended.

Popcorn may also not be indicated to people who had done the procedure to reduce their stomachs, as the hull of the popcorn may get stuck in the clamps used to achieve the surgery results.

Red, hot, chili peppers

These spicy, delicious condiments are a must in every meal for some people, me included. The hot sensation they cause may contribute to burning some calories.

They contain capsaicin, the compound that makes peppers have that burning and numbing sensation. This compound helps our body to turn white fat into brown fat.

White fat is the fat that can be found around your internal organs, between muscles, and under your skin and is where the body stores the energy from the food you eat. Eating too much or too little will make you get “fat,” as you spend either too little of the energy you consume or you eat too little and the body thinks you have a shortage of food and enters the economic mode. Both situations are bad for you and will make you gain weight.

Brown fat, however, is the kind of fat found in the muscles and have a larger count of mitochondria, which are the organelles responsible for generating energy. As the muscle has more of those, it produces more heat, burning calories and thus reducing the deposit of white fat in your body.

This effect described above is known as thermogenesis, that is, the generation of heat. Capsaicin triggers this behavior on our bodies, causing the muscles to burn more calories, even when not exercising.

Besides that, the heat generated by capsaicin also triggers the body to sweat more to exchange that heat with the environment, burning more calories in the process.

Though this is a good effect, you should keep an eye out to not get dehydrated.

Red Wine

This delicious beverage is one of our most powerful allies to lose some pounds. Researchers published a study in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry that suggests that drinking a moderate amount of red wine in your meals, can slow down the growth and creation of fat cells in your body. This is due to the ellagic acid, a substance present in grapes.

The wine also has antioxidant properties, making our skins look younger for longer.


Whether brown or black, beans have lots of fibers, thus, taking longer to be digested by our stomachs. This increased time to be dissolved, makes our brain crave less for food, helping you to keep control over your weight.

Combining the fibers present in the beans and the capsaicin found in the chili peppers is a great way to eat a delicious meal and still lose weight.