The reason why dieting is useless without exercise

The reason why dieting is useless without exercise

If you are currently dieting without exercising and not getting the results you want, please read this all of the way through. No, this isn’t an ad for some miracle dieting pill – it’s just a critical analysis of what dieting without exercise does to your body.

How to “look good”

What are the features that you want to have? Guys, do you want big biceps? Girls, do you want a big butt?

You won’t get those from solely dieting. Biceps and butts are both muscles (yes, your butt is made of a muscle called your glutes) and since dieting doesn’t magically create muscles out of thin air, you won’t get those features without some exercise.

“But I run all of the time!”

Take a look at the Olympic marathon runners. Are they strong? Not really – their legs are relatively skinny.

Running (and all low intensity cardio) doesn’t build muscle. Sure, it burns calories, but if your aim is to look good, then you need muscles.

Muscles don’t grow from weights

A lot of people – especially fitness beginners – have the subconscious belief that without weights, you can’t gain muscle.

This is not true.

Muscles are built from putting your body under pressure. Pushups, pullups, and sprints all build muscle.

If you want to look ripped then you’ll probably have to go to a gym. While bodyweight resistance is great, you’re capped at what your bodyweight actually is. Weights allow you to put your body under more stress than that, and, as a result, you’ll be able to get bigger muscles.

For the rest of us, a few sets of rigorous calisthenics every day can have us where we want to be.

Everyone has certain weak spots – diets won’t help them

Do you have a part of your body that you hate? For example, a lot of guys hate how they have skinny arms, a small back, no abs, or something of that nature. If you’re a girl, then you might not like your love handles or the amount of definition on your thighs.

Unfortunately, just dieting won’t change these parts of your body. Sure, you’ll lose weight in that area, but, in order for you to make that area look good, you’ll have to get some muscle there.

This is one of the top reasons why people don’t keep a diet. You might start seeing results on the scale, but if you don’t add in exercise, then you probably won’t see the physical results that you want.

We’re all a little vain – having an attractive body is a driving force behind many diets.

Exercising makes it way easier to keep a diet and be attractive

Starting a diet usually means restricting your food intake.

When the body is used to a certain amount of food, eating less will make it send hunger signals to the brain.

It’s completely possible to tough it out through the hunger, but is that an effective long term solution? Being hungry can cause a ton of unrelated problems – trouble sleeping, fatigue during the day, memory loss, etc.

As we all know, exercising burns calories – even bodyweight exercises like pushups. A single pushup burns between ½ and one calorie depending on your bodyweight.

If you do even 100 pushups a day, there’s another 100 or so calories that you can eat without gaining weight. Add in a couple of other callisthenic exercises – crunches, pushups, etc. – with a few runs per week and you will be able to eat significantly more food every day.

You’ll feel better and you’ll look better.

Pat yourself on the back

If you’re already dieting, then you’re on the right track.

Now add in exercise to get that body that you’ve always dreamed of.