Getting the Skinny on Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Getting the Skinny on Why You're Not Losing Weight

Let’s face it, trying to lose weight can be a struggle for many overweight people, a struggle that is often not appreciated by some “normal” sized people.  If you have tried to lose weight by a change in your eating habits and increasing your activity levels, you may be asking yourself “why am I not losing weight?”  You may be surprised to find out the reasons why you are not shedding the pounds as you wish.

Why Your Weight Isn’t Changing

There are several reasons why you may not be losing as much weight as you might expect when you start making healthier food choices and exercise more.  Here are a few of them that you might consider.

Tricky Hormones

Even thinking about making healthier food choices could signal your brain to release a hormone called ghrelin.  According to a study conducted at Yale University, ghrelin can signal metabolism to slow and you may feel less full after a meal.  To keep this hormone in check, concentrate on the aspects of your meal that seem indulgent.  Focus on the richer components of your meal and how many calories that you’re saving.  Try to make food choices that are healthy and more satisfying.

Don’t be Fooled By Exercise

If you have increased your exercise, just thinking about it may lead you to indulging in more snacking.  A new study from France suggests when people will snack more because they assume that their extra exercise will take care of the extra calories.  In fact, just considering your upcoming workout may increase you’re eating by up to 50%.  Try eating a pre-workout snack that has no more than 150 calories to try and stop the snack habit.

Be Sure and Sleep

If you skimp on sleep, you may be sabotaging your diet.  Depriving yourself of sleep seems to trigger cravings of fattier, carb loaded foods.  A study published in The Journal of Clinical Nutrition said that women who had only four hours of sleep ended up eating an average of 300 more calories a day, plus added 21 grams of fat to their diet.

Diet Plateaus

When you’re dieting, there will be times when your weight will level out and remain the same.  These diet plateaus are normal, frustrating, but normal.  It is a sign your body is adjusting to your new weight.  Don’t fret about them, but don’t let them get your off track either.