Celebrities who lost shocking amount of weight

7 Celebrities who lost shocking amount of weight

Celebrities may seem very out-of-this-world, where we usually think that they don’t experience any kind of human problems, health issues or concerns. We look at them as they are not even human beings. However, real life has shown us that it is not he case. One of the most prominent examples are the fights that many of the celebrities fight with excessive body weight.

Christina Aguilera

After gaining a lot of weight, Christina decided to go on a diet in order to return to her slim figure she had before childbirth. First off, she cut down on her alcohol consumption and devised a diet to which she would actually stick. Not only did she start eating healthier but also in smaller portions with healthy snacks in between meals. She ate a lot of blueberries, half an avocado and a bit of turkey bacon for breakfast, for snacks she usually ate celery sticks or shrimp cocktails, for lunch she ate chicken breast with a lot of salad, and for dinner, she had chicken or fish curry with a single glass of wine. She says that this diet helped her lose weight along with a bit of exercise every day. She lost 49 pounds in a matter of weeks!


As we all know, Adele was never slim, to begin with, but after giving birth, she decided to lose weight in order to be more involved in her sons’ life. Adele dropped 10 dress sizes in a fairly short amount of time. First, she decided to stop smoking, after that she decided to stop drinking tea because she had a habit of drinking it with two cubes of sugar. Adele said that she used to drink tea 10 times a day and with it, she would intake 20 cubes of sugar a day!  In order to lose weight, she did not only cut down on sweets, but she also increased the intake of fruits and vegetables with lean protein and complex carbohydrates. As for exercise, she said she is not a fitness enthusiast, so she only did weight lifting because that is the only workout that she actually likes.

Zach Galifianakis

Zach’s weight loss was quite simple. Or so, he claims. He simply stopped drinking alcohol and substituted his normal diet with a healthier version. For example, he switched from processed and canned food to fresh or frozen vegetables and homemade meals. The key was as he said not to cut the food out completely but to substitute it with smaller portions and healthier versions. He claims that the dramatic change in weight has helped him feel better and happier.

Chris Pratt

While getting ready for his role in The Guardians Of The Galaxy Chris lost over 60 pounds but also gained some serious muscle mass. He switched up his diet as a whole. He ate a lot of veggies and fruits with nuts, leafy green salads, and protein-rich meals. In coordination to intense workout sessions, he ate balanced meals of complex carbs and protein, and he had to drink a lot of water. Chris mentioned once that he could have went back to his old eating habits and his old body but he felt a lot happier with himself in the new body so he decided to keep up his diet with occasional cheat dates.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah decided to drop 60 pounds for her 60th birthday. She struggled with yo-yo dieting for a long time and decided to partake in the weight watchers program. Oprah claims how her weight loss was improved by not setting herself numeric goals but ones associated with happiness and positive thinking. She was on a strict workout plan and a strict diet which lead to her weight loss but allowed her to keep her signature hourglass figure.

Janet Jackson

Janet lost 60 pounds in four months.  Her main struggle was comfort eating, and that was the first issue she had to deal with, and now she has no problem keeping her new slim figure. She was on a strict workout plan and a strict diet that consisted of healthy meals in many but small portions. She also had hired a personal aid to help her stay on track and not only lose weight but also to get in shape for her tour.

Drew Carey

When he was offered a job as the host of the popular TV show The Price Is Right Drew decided to lose some weight. He ended up losing 80 pounds. Drew’s main motivation was his stepson Connor; he realized that he wanted to be involved in his life and be there for him as he grows up. Mainly he wanted to live long enough and be healthy enough to see his stepson graduate and make a life for himself.  He got rid of carbs and alcohol. Instead of eating sweets and junk food for snacks he switched to protein bars, pieces of fruit and drinking a lot of water, in fact, water is the only liquid he takes in now. When it comes to meals, he says he is sticking to his diet 95% of the time but allows himself a piece of cake for a birthday party or such occasions.